Leonbeck Leonbergers
Last update 30 oct 2017
The Leonberger The Leonberger is a large, fast-growing water loving dog with a thick coat and quite often thick skulls!!!!. They originate from the German town of Leonberg. The first modern day Leonberger was imported in 1975 with the first UK litter being born in 1981. A cute bear like puppy of 8 weeks can be a 10 stone tearaway by 12 months. As with all breeds they need careful socialisation and training. Unlike smaller breeds undesirable behaviour in a Leonberger is greatly amplified. Leo's love to drink don't expect a clean dry kitchen floor afterwards. Leo puppies will chew and you need to let them have access to items they can chew and and teach them what you would prefer them to leave alone. This will of course take time. What is "cute" in a 10 week puppy is no longer so when they reach a 65 kilo + boy who doesn't want to do what you ask. Teach your puppy clear boundries from day one. Leonbergers don't like being "home alone". If you work full-time then perhaps a Leonberger is not for you. They enjoy being involved in all aspect of family life. The Breed Standard can be read on the Leonberger Club of Great Britain Site. See Links page.
A Leonberger Shares My Life  A Leonberger shares my life, A dog that’s strong and true. Affectionate and gentle, Yet bold and fearless too. A wonderful companion, The very best you’ll find, With a heart of purest gold, This mountain dog of mine. A friend that I can count on, In which I can confide- I can’t imagine life without My “Leo” by my side.
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